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Nothing feels quite as fine as wearing a brand new dress. However, problems sometimes get in the way of fully enjoying your new garment. Maybe the hemline isn’t quite in the right position, or the sleeves are just a touch too long. These are the situations that call for dress alteration service from a professional tailor.

Bridal Alterations By Juliana can make any kind of change to your formal dresses. You decide what does or doesn’t fit you and I’ll make the gown alterations that you require. What’s important is to make sure it’s done by someone qualified in custom tailoring. Tailoring clothes is very specialized skill, one that requires a great deal of training, which is why you’ll want an expert to do this. I have years of experience in making costumes for the American Ballet Theater, Broadway shows, and private costumers. Dress and costume alterations are my passion and it fills me with joy when my clients see their completed gowns.

Dress Alteration Service
I also offer my services in dress restoration. Old wedding gowns and debutante gowns make beautiful heirlooms, but they are at risk of being harmed by moths and age. To keep them in pristine condition, I can do dress alterations to keep them in wearable condition.

This is just one of the many services offered by Bridal Alterations By Juliana in Raleigh NC. I am a dedicated dress maker who is dedicated to performing professional bridal alterations and restorations.

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