Costume Alterations

Costume AlterationsI got my start working on costumes for the American Ballet Theater and Broadway. While my passion is in bridal alterations and restoration, I am skilled at making repairs and alterations to costumes. I know that costumes, by their nature, can be tricky to alter, which is why Bridal Alterations By Juliana offers skilled costume alterations to those in need.

Whether you need the costumes for stage, faire, or Halloween, I am able to make costume dress alterations to ensure that you look amazing. I have experience in working with historical clothing designs, so intricate costumes like those worn in plays or at faire are familiar to me. When you leave your costume with me, you leave it in skilled hands.

My clothing alteration service guarantees that you will always look your best when wearing your costume. Don’t let your costume sag or poof awkwardly when it could fit you like a glove. For skilled costume gown alterations, contact me today at Bridal Alterations By Juliana in Raleigh, NC.


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