Dress Restoration

Ever since you were a little girl you’ve dreamed of wearing your mother’s vintage wedding gown down the aisle at your own wedding. When the day finally came though, you were horrified to see that the beautiful lace trim had yellowed with age, that buttons had fallen off, and that moths had chewed through the skirt. For problems like these, Bridal Alterations By Juliana offers dress restoration.

Bring your old gown to me for extensive bridal alterations. After my time working with costumes on Broadway, I gained skills in preserving and altering vintage clothing. I work hard to maintain the integrity of the garment while repairing any damages. I am an expert in fabric and button matching and in making delicate repairs. Don’t let your gown be ruined by harsh chemicals like bleach, when I can provide gentler clothing alteration services to restore the color and look of your dress.

Dress Restoration

During the restoration process, I am also able to make dress alterations to adjust the fit and size of the garment. You want your mother’s dress to fit you as well as it fit her, so let me make sure that you look exactly how you dreamed with my alteration services.

I am dedicated to the preservation of old dresses. Don’t let beloved family heirlooms suffer in untrained hands. My dress restoration service will make your old dresses look like new all over again. Just give Bridal Alterations By Juliana a call in Raleigh, NC to learn more about my restoration services.


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